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Vets4Vets is an international platform from veterans for veterans from me Jesse Cole and my friend Nick Nolte (US veteran). The first project is a music CD by veterans for veterans. The songwriters and artists have agreed to sponsor a song about their experiences and feelings and forego the income from this CD. The proceeds will go to a veteran project. The first project that is supported is the Soonwald Foundation with the project "Bundeswehrkinder in Not". The first CD includes artists from Germany (Tom Shadow, 6StringBBQ, Jesse Cole and Nick Nolte), Denmark (Superscum), Sweden (Don Redmon), Great Britain (Stevie Simpson) and the USA (Austin Freeman, Dan Johnson, Micah Howard) involved. The personal pictures for the cover of the CD by S. Böhmert (Germany).

The aim is to show other veterans that artistic activity, no matter in which area, can help to deal with traumatic stress differently, as well as the attempt to make the public more sensitive to this topic in order to gain more respect, recognition and understanding. More CD’s are planned with songs, poems and pictures with the stories and people behind these works of art. Each CD supports a different worldwide organization that works for veterans.

The idea for this project was born in 2016 after a concert in Erbil in Iraq for the German armed forces. On the one hand, through the many conversations with the soldiers on site, as well as my personal experiences.

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