Vets4Vets is a project by Jesse Cole with the support of his friend Nick Nolte.

Jesse Cole has been suffering from PTSD since 2003 due to a traumatic experience working as a bodyguard abroad. These deep scars came to light again after a burnout in 2011. Jesse started writing songs about his experiences. He realized that in a way he was helping himself to deal with the experience, but also that he was helping other veterans think about their problems.

However, outsiders could not help with his problems because they lacked the experience of a combat mission. In 2017, he met his friend Nick Nolte, who himself had fought as a young soldier at Operation Desert Storm. Like Jesse, he also suffered from PTSD. Nick has been involved with the VTF (Veterans of Foreign Wars) association for several years and supports veterans in all matters. Through this work he gained a large circle of supporters.

Jesse traveled to Iraq for the first time in 2016 and gave a concert there for the Bundeswehr and other allied nations. In 2017 another concert was added, as well as at the end of the year in Afghanistan.
In many conversations with the soldiers, he realized very quickly that the German soldiers had to fight for their recognition of their achievements and were not welcomed so warmly in the homeland as the US soldiers.

On his first visit to Iraq, Jesse wrote a song that expresses exactly what many soldiers have to fight for after their deployment. He also realized very quickly that the government and the leadership of the Bundeswehr had no interest in making this public. Even the support of the veterans and the soldiers who suffered after the missions under PTSD, did not meet with sympathy in the leadership. It was more like you wanted to keep these topics secret. "There are no sick soldiers and no PTSD" according to the army leadership.

But he was not deterred by that and had the idea to produce a CD with songs by veterans for veterans. The proceeds from this CD go to a good cause for veterans. The first project on this CD is the Soonwald Foundation, which supports children of fallen soldiers.

Each song is written by a veteran and tells about their own experiences, or treats the topic of war experience, or PTSD. Some of the songwriters have also agreed to tell the story of their song. Every Songwriter donates the revenue from this CD in favor of a worthy cause for veterans.

Music is something that connects people. Music helps to take the pain away from the soul. These songs try to help other veterans tell their stories, write stories, paint pictures, and get creative.

But they should also encourage thinking about these issues, respecting those people, and giving them the recognition they deserve.

It is not about the glorification of the war or the soldiers, but about the serious confrontation with their emotional suffering. These people have seen and experienced indescribable things and they need help. And that album is there to dare and support these people and their friends and family.

So make a change........ "Because we care"