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Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole Songwriter

Jesse Cole is a singer / songwriter dedicated to the Texas Red Dirt and Country Music. His musical roots are Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and many more Outlaw Artist. He was born '67 in the American sector of  West Berlin influenced by American lifestyle and AFN (American Forces Network).

In 1985 he recorded his first single "Tears in your Eyes". The title lasted eight weeks on the international charts in Poland, alongside artists such as Tina Turner, Duran Duran and many others. Also his two other songs "Lovers Lane" and "Little Lady" were able to hold themselves in the first place for weeks. In the fall of 1986, the young artist was chosen as the singer of summer 86 and appeared in Katowice in front of more than 3000 people and 3 million radio listeners. Jesse played in many Berlin bands like Mike Strauss & Pickup, Country Delight and his own band Billy and the Texans. 

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2001, however, the singer completed his musical career due to a hearing loss. After a decade and many ups and downs, he decided to write songs again in 2012.


His music is authentic, honest and earth rooted. His songs deal with his own life and people who have influenced him. In 2013 he participated in the first singing contest for the “Country Music Euro Masters” and took 5th place in the solo category. During this contest, he met the singer Jeffrey Backus. A good friendship quickly developed.

In 2014 he released his first CD "Live free or die", which was awarded by the Hall of Fame in the same year. He also won 2nd place at the “Country Music Awards” in Pullman City together with his friend Jeffrey Backus as Dou Backus & Cole.

Due to the development in the music industry, Jesse decided to found his own music label JCR, JesCoRecords, which focuses more on independent artists and bands. He also started to reactivate his own Recording Studio Heartland Musicproduction.

In 2016 and 2017, the songwriter gave concerts for the German armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has also been working on his new album "The dark years" since 2015 which was released 2018. He also released an unplugged Album „The unplugged session“ and an EP „The secrets of love“.

Since 2018, Jesse played together with his friend Nick Nolte, an American ex-soldier from Nuremberg. As "Vets of Valour" they tour Germany. In late 2018, Jesse launched a new project to support veterans around the world. His idea is to produce a CD by Veterans for Veterans. The entire income is donated to veterans for a good cause. His friend Nick Nolte actively supports him.

Each artist on this CD is a songwriter who talks about his experiences or thoughts as a veteran. The goal is to encourage other veterans to talk about their experiences and cope with the experience. The first CD "Vets4Vets" supports the Soonwald Foundation in Germany. The donations benefit children of fallen soldiers. Through this project, associations and associations are to be networked and work together internationally.

At the beginning of 2019, Jesse and Nick were again in the "Neuewelt Recording Studio" in Leipzig to record songs for the "Vets4Vets" and the first "Vets of Valor" CD.

In 2020 he released the album "SAND -Some Are Never Done". This Album is a Co-operation with the Author Wolf Gregis and his book "Sandseele". This album is a project close to Jesse's heart, as both the book and the CD are about the perception and understanding of combat veterans.

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After the release of "SAND", Jesse received several US Top 5 awards as a songwriter. Together with Wolf Gregis they opened the exhibition "Two Decades in the Hindukush" in the Historical Museum in Dresden, which dealt with the operations of the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

In 2022 Jesse also started to deal with songwriting with German lyrics and wrote all the songs for the album "Genug !?" within 6 months which will now be released in July 2023. Together with Peter Tauber, who presented his book "Mutmacher" in Berlin 2022, both moved the audience with their stories and songs.
For Jesse, veteran service is an affair of the heart. It's about respect, recognition and public relations.

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