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Please read this before:


If you want to support your favorite artist, you can order his CDs or merch on this site. All personal information will be treated confidentially and with care. Please let us know if we should save your personal information for further information or orders.


We'll ask you again if you'd like to receive emails with upcoming releases from artists or new merch items. If you do not want this, all data will be deleted immediately. Data needed for orders must be archived and repealed for tax purposes in accordance with statutory regulations.

Please remember:


you support your artists by buying their CDs and merch. In this way, they can spend money on further recordings or new merchandise.

We all know that Streaming is a really cheap deal, but remember: an artist gets only 0,10 cents or less for 100 streams.

And RIPPING and Home Taping - copying for third parties is prohibited. This harms the artists themselves, not us.

All of these artists work hard for their products and pay everything out of their own pockets. We are a small label and do not have the big budgets like the big labels. All proceeds go mostly to the artists.
Thank you for your support and your respect

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