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Vets of Valor

Vets of Valor

Vets of Valor is a duo consisting of Jesse Cole and Nick Nolte. Jesse Cole is a singer / songwriter from Germany with the musical roots of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennigs and a deep love of Texas Country Music.
Nick Nolte is an American who lives here in Germany 23 years after his release from the US Army. In 2017, the two musicians got to know each other during a gig in Germany. Very quickly the two noticed the deep attachment in the support of veterans.

In 2018, the pair won the first place as a duo at the Pullman City Country Music Awards in Pullman City Bayern.
In the same year, the idea came up with the idea for the Vets4Vets CD. Nick is a member of the VFW Veterans Association of US Soldiers and supports Jesse in the project. Through his many contacts, the two could start building a network to support veterans.

In the recording studio "Neue Welt Recordings" in Leipzig they recorded the first songs for an unplugged album, which should be released in 2019. Also the songs for the Vets4Vets album were recorded here.

For the year 2020, they are planning a small US tour in Texas.

Jesse Cole Songwriter
Nick Nolte

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