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We are dedicated to Outlaw Music

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JCR,JesCo Records Team
CEO Jesse Cole JCR,JesCoRecords

Jesse Cole



Who we are?


JCR JesCoRecords is a small independent label dedicated to Outlaw Music. Jesse Cole established it in 2015. We don’t want to grow into a big label, as it is important to us to keep the close and familiar contact to the artist. Jesse Cole has been very attached to music since childhood. He is a Singer/Songwriter himself and knows of the challenges of getting your music out there. That’s why he started his own label.

What we do?


JCR JesCo Records is looking for Singer / Songwriters and Bands who are searching for a small label for publishing their songs. We position your CD or just your songs for downloading and publish your CD via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 

In what we believe 

Freedom of Music. You stand as an artist first. We will try to implement your ideas and wishes. We will not tell how you to dress, how your music has to sound. We can only make suggestions to you and support you as much as possible in your projects. It is up to you if you want to register your songs with GEMA or not. Thats why we don´t want to become major.

How we work?

We preselect the Artists and Bands we want to work with. The chemistry has to be to be just right, because it is not just about positioning of your music, it is much more about trust. We closely collaborate with two Music production companies in Germany and the USA in order to realize the production from your ideas and to polish them in the Master Studio. We also design, create and press your Cover, CDs, flyer, autograph cards, photos and videos. We position your songs on our website, once everything is completed. Billing is quarterly. We will not publish to platforms such as iTunes, Amazon or Spotify

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